High-quality fabrics, contemporary styles and the perfect fit: New York based 3×1 Denim brand is revolutionizing the denim universe. Scott Morrison founded his label 3×1 in 2011. Designer uses only the finest fabrics, such as denim from Japan or Italy, and lays great importance on an optimal fit with optically stretched seams and hand-sewn belt loops. The label’s bespoke jeans are handmade and lovingly detailed with modern distressing and long fringed hems – a coveted brand signature. What’s more, each pair is made by one at the time and by single- needle sewing machines.

Initially introduced solely as a retail concept, focused on making limited-edition, custom made, and bespoke denim to be sold out of the 3×1 atelier, the opportunity quickly arose to develop a limited wholesale range for a few of the world’s finest retailers and one of them is GLANCE concept store.

3×1 Production